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Thomas D. Sykes
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Thomas D. Sykes
Rated by Super Lawyers

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A Premier Record of First-Chair Accomplishment. Judgment Seasoned by Many Years of Government Service. Integrity-Based Credibility with Tax Authorities.

These are the primary qualities that a taxpayer, expecting or involved in a dispute with tax authorities, should look for in a lawyer.

Having first-chaired complex federal tax disputes, both civil and criminal, across the nation for over 35 years at the very highest reaches of the tax profession …

Having represented the IRS during the first half of his tax career, and having represented corporate, non-profit, and individual taxpayers in the second half …

Having practiced for 18 years in Washington, D.C., and 18 years in Chicago…

Owning one of the premier federal tax-litigation resumes in the nation…

Thomas D. Sykes may be your best choice to efficiently and effectively resolve your tax dispute.  What can he do to help solve your tax problem?

You are invited to peruse this website for details about Tom’s nationwide, cutting-edge law practice, and his extraordinary “360-degree” legal career.

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